Rainmaker - Earrings, B-GRADE

Rainmaker - Earrings, B-GRADE

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This unit has been printed slightly off center, and is therefore sold at a reduced price!

Take your style from boring to the next level with these unique, magical earrings! Based on handmade ink drawings and carefully designed for maximum comfort they are objects of pure creativity and joy.

Available in limited quantities.

The earrings are locally printed and cut from 2mm thick Finnish birch veneer PEFC certified sustainably sourced wood.

The hooks are surgical steel, perfect for sensitive ears.

The backside of the earrings has been sanded, to make sure they don't irritate sensitive skin, and the earrings are specifically designed to contain no sharp edges to accidentally poke yourself with.

Size (wihout hook):        5 x 4 cm             2 x 1,6 inches

Ships as an economy letter size box with no tracking.

Packed sustainably with reduced use of plastic.

NOTE: ships separate from other products shipping can only be combined with other earrings!

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