Inspired by fairy tales and folklore, I love to create art that feels like a sweet dream.

Born in Finland in 1985. Growing up I lived for nature, books and doing things with my hands. I was in love with history, stories and old places.

After I enrolled into university to study computer science I had a sudden change of heart and decided to learn to draw and paint instead.

Enrolling into art school a while after I loved painting on big canvases with oils and getting my hands dirty. After school I had fun working as an artist for mobile games before moving on to freelance illustration.

Eventually doing digital art started feeling deeply unsatisfying, so I took a big leap and went back to traditional materials. This time around I decided to delve into the wonderful world of ink, with dip pens and mixed media, concentrating on finding my own personal voice and a way of working that feels natural for me. Discovering what makes me tick has been such a eye opening and rewarding experience.