Deer Witch

Sometimes, when looking for lessons we need to learn, it is good to turn to spirits that seem to have something to hold an important message for you. What can you learn from the spirit of the deer? What is the guidance they would offer you? Can you see your life through their eyes?

The deer stands tall and proud, a beautiful creature that radiates serenity and safety when relaxed and grazing peacefully. Do you feel safe in your surroundings? Can you find that feeling of calm inside? Yet the deer is ever vigilant, ready to move on when their peace is disturbed, adapting quickly to changing circumstances, leaving situations they feel unsafe in behind.

It’s really a bit hard to explain how this witch came about, There was just something there that seemed right. Looking at this in hindsight, I think this drawing is really about diving deep into yourself and listening.

Listening to whatever needs to be heard at that moment. Finding that peaceful place and just taking things in, you’ll find the messages you need in surprising places, all around you.