Mushroom Witch

The mushroom witch knows to revere what’s important to her! Connecting to the seasons and respecting the cycles of nature are her key values. Especially tied to the fall, she welcomes the relief of cool autumn air and gratefully harvests the bounty nature offers us after a long, hot summer.

Want to be like her? Embrace the cycles of nature. What is happening around you right now, is there any way you can tune in better? Gather a bunch of wildflowers, gather some berries or find some pretty dried plants in winter and place them on a visible spot inside your house!

There’s something special about really honoring and appreciating something in your life. Really concentrating on how important it is.

I loved bringing that feeling forth through the mushroom witch! She loves her mushrooms and finds them to be a divine gift. I think it’s something we could all strive for in our life, really finding those things we can honor and hold special.