Pumpkin witch

All Hallows Eve is here, are you ready? This witch speaks about the ritual and tradition related to fall, harvest and remembering and respecting your ancestors.

And isn’t really just celebrating traditions like these tying you to all the generations that went before you, observing similar rituals in their time?

Halloween might nowadays lean towards monsters and scary things, but personally I love the aspect of the line seeming thinner between ours and the spirit world.

Traditionally in Finland we celebrate All Hallows Eve by visiting cemeteries, putting down fir branches that will decorate the graves of our loved ones for the winter to come and lighting candles.

Once the night falls, the whole cemetery is alight with tiny specs of light, dancing in the dark. You feel the past isn’t forgotten, we all remember where we came from, and the people toiled here before us, walking on the same earth. Giving us the world we have now.