Seeker of Knowledge

Aren’t books such beautiful things? You can reach across space and time, and learn from people living a life totally foreign to you, across vast distances and get to know the lives of people long dead and buried. What a wonderful thing! This witch loves diving into new worlds, new perspectives and thrives on seeking new knowledge.

The older and dustier the book, the better! Finding the connection between the things that span time and distance and circumstances, the truths that don’t really change is the real thrill.

This witch really came about to express my love of books and learning. I find the details of other times and places endlessly fascinating, the mundane details of lives lived in the past, the different ways of viewing the world. Yet everyone is still looking at the same world, just from different points of view in different points of time and space.

Finding the things that connect us and bring us together despite the vast differences is so enthralling, and it’s so interesting to look at your own life and circumstances through a completely different point of view.