Ink Illustration for Beginners with DIp Pen and Ink
Ink Illustration for Beginners with DIp Pen and Ink
Ink Illustration for Beginners with DIp Pen and Ink
Ink Illustration for Beginners with DIp Pen and Ink
Ink Illustration for Beginners with DIp Pen and Ink

Ink Illustration for Beginners with DIp Pen and Ink

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Would you like to create beautiful, energetic and imaginative illustrations with ink?

Bored of working digitally? Why not experiment with the drawing tool loved by so many generations of artists for it’s expressive qualities: dip pen and ink!

Getting started with the dip pen can feel intimidating and there definitely is a learning curve, gaining control of the pen takes practice and things can get messy!

I went through a lot of trial and error when I was getting started myself, and met so many frustrating road blocks! That’s why this course will walk you through all the small things that would otherwise annoy and frustrate you in the process, so that you can concentrate on what’s really important: the drawing!

This course is perfect for beginners, we'll go through everything you need to know to make starting as easy as possible, from materials to pen control and finally building your illustration!

This is an extended and improved edition of the course already published on skillshare, here’s what students have had to say about it over there:

“This class really helped me with all the fundamentals but also inspired me to use my own creative license and embrace mistakes. Loved the instructor!”

“Thank you for a wonderful class! I really enjoyed it and learnt some very useful things about using dip pens. The instructions were so clear and I really appreciated how well it was organised.”

“I really struggled with using dip pens and the class helped immensely!”


  • troubleshoot all common mistakes so you don’t get stuck
  • introduce you to the materials so you buy the right things and don’t get frustrated
  • practice pen control and building textures with the practice sheets included so you gain control of the pen
  • practice planning a successful ink illustration
  • I’ll walk you through the process of completing the ink illustration, building the values and textures, and share my thought process while drawing!

Included with the class:

  • materials list
  • practice sheets for pen control and building tone
  • the drawing I’m inking in the class
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: 3 of my other drawings you can experiment with inking!

Why not add a new amazing tool to your drawing arsenal? Besides learning to draw with the dip pen itself, drawing with ink will teach you many valuable things applicable to all art you make. The permanent nature of the medium forces you to think through your drawings.

You’ll develop solid drawing processes that end up saving you so much time and headache no matter the medium you work with! Working with black and white really forces you to learn the basic blocks of build compositions, and working with permanent ink will teach you to let go of perfectionism and use your mistakes to fuel your creativity!

The class is about an hour long and accessible through my website members area, where you can either watch it directly or download the video lessons to your computer for offline view.